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Our Mission

As a seasoned entrepreneur with over 25 years of expertise in private investigation, I am excited to share my knowledge and insights with fellow entrepreneurs through a dedicated course series. These courses are designed to empower both emerging and established business owners to achieve their entrepreneurial goals by leveraging proven strategies and innovative practices. My passion lies not only in achieving excellence within my own business but also in fostering success among entrepreneurs who are eager to make meaningful impacts within their industries.

Our courses will offer practical, hands-on learning experiences, allowing participants to master the essential skills required to launch, manage, and scale their service-based businesses effectively. By sharing the methods that have allowed my own firm to thrive—such as smart hiring, optimal use of technology, and effective management systems—I aim to equip entrepreneurs with the tools they need for substantial growth and success.

We are committed to creating an environment that champions continuous learning and improvement. Entrepreneurs who join our courses will gain more than just business insights; they will become part of a supportive community that values innovation, integrity, and mutual respect. Our ultimate goal is to see each participant not only reach but exceed their business aspirations, equipped with the knowledge and skills that set them apart in the competitive business landscape.

I am proud to guide each entrepreneur through their journey, celebrating every milestone as they transform challenges into opportunities, leading to prosperous and sustainable businesses.

Meet Your Instructor

Anna Stowe

Anna is a Certified Professional Investigator (CPI) through the California Association of Licensed Investigators. Anna is the CEO and Chief Investigator of Proven Private Investigators. She uses all her expertise, knowledge, and passion for helping her attorney clients build their case for lesser or alternative sentences. Her team of investigators is carefully and thoughtfully chosen to provide the right combination of work ethic, sensitivity, and experience. She values her team and creates a work environment that always puts her clients first and is open to continuous learning. Anna has first-rate training and access to the best experts to serve your cases. Anna has hundreds of continuing education hours in investigation-related subjects, including trauma-informed interviewing, background investigations, mining the dark web, and open-source intelligence. Anna earned her certificate as a Mitigation Specialist through the National Legal Aid Defense Association and the National Alliance of Sentencing Advocates and Mitigation Specialists. Anna grew up in the Sacramento Region of California. In 1986 Anna was hired by PG&E. For the next 15 years, Anna performed workplace investigations of sexual harassment, employee theft, due diligence, and conducted background investigations on new hires, including board members, while working within Human Resources as a Consultant. An interest in Restorative Justice inspired her to earn her bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, and before graduating, Anna left PG&E and founded Anna Stowe Investigations in 2000. She spent her first five years working on indigent criminal defense investigations, including death penalty qualified cases. Anna has conducted hundreds of criminal defense investigations with attorneys from all over California, the nation, and internationally. Considered an expert in Hispanic gangs, Anna spent 20 years working with immigrant and migrant families in Yolo County, California. She also worked with and volunteered her time with emotionally disturbed and mentally ill juveniles in Nevada County. Anna is currently serving as the District Director for the California Association of Licensed Investigators Sacramento District, where she actively mentors new investigators and has formed a Female Investigators Network. Anna has worked with California Public Defender offices in providing mitigation resources when the counties are unable to provide such specialized services. She is also creating a mitigation curriculum for Public Defenders to balance the scale between private representation and public and address racial and gender disparity in sentencing. Anna enjoys a life focused on compassion and hope. In her spare time, Anna regularly works with various animal rescue organizations, volunteers on the Board of her church, and loves to spend time with her family, including her four grandchildren.

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